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Laptop, coffee and a notepadTo pick the best maintenance package for your website, you should first understand the features included with each of the WordPress maintenance and support services.

So here, I detail what each feature means, and how they benefit you – with as little tech speak as possible.

Please visit my WordPress Maintenance Packages page to see the pricing table or purchase a plan.

Services And Features That Give You Peace Of Mind

Monthly Reports

Get monthly email reports detailing the services performed under your WordPress maintenance plan – including what updates were made, Google Analytics traffic stats, Brute Force attacks blocked, and more.

WordPress Core, Theme, & Plugin Updates

Your site is regularly checked for available updates. I backup your site before applying updates and then test it afterwards to ensure everything works properly.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

All day, your site is monitored for uptime and downtime. In the case your site goes down, I notify you and help you contact your host to troubleshoot the issue.

Database Optimization

Like a computer, your site’s database gets cluttered with non-essential files that slow things down. Database optimization cleans those files up.

Content Updates

Ask me to do your quick content changes such as swapping out photos, or editing text. Alternately, you could use this time for website related questions or advice via email.

Broken Link Monitoring & Repairs

Broken links are annoying and bad for SEO. I find and fix your site’s broken links to ensure your readers don’t hit a dead end.

Scheduled Website Backups

Backups of your files and database are automatically created and stored in the cloud. So in case of an emergency, a backup is readily available. I store 3 weeks worth of backups.

24/7 Brute Force Protection

Brute force attack protection limits the amount of failed login attempts by a user trying to guess your password. It also blocks known attackers from visiting your website.

Concealed Admin Login Screen

Hackers use login pages to break-in. Make it harder for them to locate your login screen with a custom URL that only you know.

Weak Password Detection

Prevent all users from creating weak passwords. If a user currently has a weak password, it requires them to make a stronger one.

Periodic Password Update Prompts

Set an age limit on user passwords and have an automatic prompt let your users know they need to update their old password before proceeding.

Compromised Password Checks

During setup, automatically check the password your user submits to see if it was involved in a breach according to Have I Been Pwned.

Multiple 404 Error Detection

When a malicious user or bad bot looks for a way into your site, it produces a lot of 404 errors in a row. Once detected, your site blocks their IP address’ access.

Block Bad Bots

Automatically keep out well-known bad bots and programs that are blacklisted on’s extensive list.

File Change Monitoring

If someone starts modifying files that aren’t normally touched, there’s a problem. File change detection notifies me of changes happening to your WordPress files.

Daily Malware Scanning by Sucuri

Everyday, Sucuri SiteCheck scans your site for malware and vulnerabilities. Then, it applies a patch to the issue, if available.

Two-Step Authentication

Add an extra layer of protection to your login screen by requiring a user to sign in with a username, password, and time-sensitive security code.

Learn More About My WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

If you want to purchase a maintenance package, or see which features are included in each package, please refer to the pricing table on the WordPress Website Maintenance Packages page.

All packages are subject to the terms outlined in the Web Maintenance Agreement.

Still have questions? Check out the Maintenance Package FAQs page to see if your question is answered there. Or, feel free to reach out to me online or over the phone at (757) 218-4053.

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