A Professional Web Site Design Will Keep You Competitive

Are you a local small business owner who is in a highly competitive field? To be competitive you need a professional web site design that converts visitors into buying customers. If your current web site isn’t doing that it’s costing you money instead of MAKING you money!

Remember, your website is the first point of contact potential customers have with your business. First impressions matter. Not getting this right could detrimentally hurt the success of your business.

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To begin, evaluate your site. Is it currently:

  • Amateurish looking or out of date in terms of the layout and colors
  • Built from a cookie cutter template on a sitebuilder
  • Confusing to navigate
  • Loading slow
  • Showing your visitors don’t stick around long

Any of the above issues will drive visitors away from your site.

If this sends them to your competitor’s website, you lose a possible sale. Plus, if you paid to drive traffic to your site… that’s money wasted.

This is where most small business owners get it wrong.

Surveys show that business owners tend to design what they like. Which is often not in their visitor’s best interest. Keep in mind… if your visitor’s experience is good, then SALES will follow.

Getting Your Business Web Site To The Next Level

Taking your website to the next level involves creating a site that converts visitors into customers. No longer do you want a “brochure site” that has a cookie cutter look and very limited information.

To convert visitors into customers, you need to create a business web site your visitors LIKE.

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When they like what they see and read… they WILL let you know.

Your website analytics will show it. And your sales will increase. You site is now working for YOU.

But here’s what needs to happen, you must…

  • Energize and update your look with a color scheme and layout for a modern look.
  • Improve the navigation and visibility of the content to elevate your users experience.
  • Functionalize the coding so the design and the function of your site runs smooth and loads fast.
  • Adapt your site to be responsive and mobile friendly meaning it scales down to be readable on all mobile devices.

Depending on your situation you may need to tune-up your website a bit. Or you may require a complete overhaul. The look, the function, the platform and the content all have to blend together seamlessly. A professional web site design is what you need. Coupled with other efforts to increase your overall web presence.

Graphically Innovative Designs Creates Small Business Web Sites That Get Results

“I’m Rhonda Brown, who specializes in designing websites for local small businesses nationwide. I am web graphic designer. I’m about designing websites that are visually appealing, coded to function optimally and update technically responsive to mobile devices.

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Clothing Store Business Owner

I enjoy working with small business owners who are passionate about their businesses and are looking for someone who is just as invested in seeing you succeed. Thanks in advance for choosing my professional web design services.”

Let’s get started! I have a process that when followed it makes for a successful outcome and streamlines the normal process. But a lot depends on you!

What I do to take your Website to the next level… The next level includes making your site and your social media presence all work together to give your business a dynamic web presence!