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Did you recently start a Squarespace website and come to the realization that you need a designers touch? Or, maybe you couldn’t create exactly what you visualized in your mind?

You may have hit a breaking point where you’re frustrated and realize that building a website is too time consuming.

If any of the above statements describe you, then my Squarespace website design services are suited for you. Together we’ll make a great team.

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What's Included With A New Squarespace Website Design

Everyday, I work with bloggers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants just like you who are ready to create a modern, functioning website, but just don’t have enough time, or design skill to build it on your own.

As your Squarespace web designer, I’m here to help make the process of getting your new site up and running a piece of cake!

Below is a list of what I include with my Squarespace design services.


Template Customization & Setup

Once I setup your account and configure the settings to your business, then the fun begins! I create a look and feel for your website that reflects who you are as a business and appeals to the customers you want to attract. This includes choosing a template, creating a color scheme, selecting fonts, and adding custom code to take the template beyond the basic look.

Page Setup, Organization, & Layout

Don’t know how to organize and layout your individual pages… no problem! I’m familiar with building websites from the ground up.

Send me your logo, text, and photos and I’ll do the hard layout work for you. I’ve had clients that send me their content in a Word document, just written out plainly in paragraphs. I take that information, organize it, create a layout, and make it visually pleasing to the eye.

Discounted Squarespace Plans

Because I’m a Squarespace Circle member, I can give you a 20% discount on any subscription plan if you let me setup your website.

Google Analytics Setup

Once your site is live, Google Analytics tracks the amount of visitors, clicks to a page, geographical location of web visitors, and so much more. This type of data helps you know what parts of your site are doing well and what parts need improvement. I create an account for you, connect it up to your website, and give you access to the account.

Google Search Console Setup

After we launch your website, I setup a Google Search Console account and connect it to your Squarespace site. Google Search Console helps you see how well you are ranking in the search engine results and for what keywords. When combined with Google Analytics, it gives you insight into how your site is performing so that you can continuously improve your website in the future.

Custom 404 page

In the case that a link is broken or a page has been deleted, a custom 404 page will let your visitors know why the content may not be appearing. This page will be customized to look like the rest of your website and direct visitors back to frequently used areas of your site.

Squarespace SEO

To give your website a boost in the search engine rankings, I offer Squarespace SEO services. First, I do keyword research using a special research tool in order to pick the right keywords that are relevant to your business.

Then, I optimize your written content by adding those relevant keywords through out your pages. I also write a custom title and page description for every page I create. Next, I organize your website and structure your pages’ content using the most up-to-date best practices for SEO. Afterwards, I submit your website’s sitemap to Google and Bing so that it can be indexed faster.

Expert Advice

And most of all… you will receive my expert advice while we work together on your website. Because I want you to succeed, I’m the type of designer that believes in giving you advice throughout the design process.

I always let you make the final decision as to how you want your website to look. But I feel it is my duty to be that partner at your side who will tell you when you could be making a decision that is not considered a best practice or breaks a website design rule. Sure, sometimes rules can be broken, but other times breaking a rule can be damaging to your site. Wouldn’t you rather make an informed decision than an uninformed one?

My Process For Creating A Squarespace Design

Having a tested process makes any task, big or small, run as smooth as possible. This is especially true when comes to website design. You can read more about my Squarespace design process ahead of time, so that you know exactly what’s going to happen every step of the way.

I hope that by me sharing my process ahead of time, you will see there’s no need to be apprehensive about getting a website designed. Let’s make it a fun experience for both of us!

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