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Having a nice looking website is only one aspect of good website design. Using reputable search engine optimization (SEO) methods is the other part.

That’s because a pretty looking website without SEO is of no use to you, if no one ever finds it. So, how do you get your website found?

SEO that’s done correctly increases your chances of being seen by potential customers on the web and in turn that means more business!

I’ll help you optimize your website by making proven and effective changes that search engines value.

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How I Optimize Your Website

I help you with 3 basic forms of SEO, which are all reputable search engine optimization techniques:

  1. on-page SEO (choosing a focus keyword, and then using it the right amount of times in the right places on the page for search engines to recognize it)
  2. off-page SEO (finding resources for you to do your own backlinking)
  3. technical SEO (creating a responsive or mobile friendly website, avoiding duplicate content, and improving page speed)

If you’re using my design services, I include basic SEO as part of your quote and you can add on this premium SEO service as part of your website.

If you only using my SEO services and not my web design services, you can hire me to do SEO for you through one of my separate packages.

Below, I discuss how both of those services work.

Search Engine Optimization Packages

Squarespace and WordPress are the two main website building platforms I work with. Click on the buttons below to view the packages I offer, along with a detailed list of what’s included.

Not sure which one is right for you? Contact me for help.

SEO Services Included With Any Web Design Services

For websites I create or redesign, I include the following SEO services… these are what I refer to as essential SEO:

  • SEO friendly page organization – Your site should be easy to navigate for humans and optimized for search engine robots.
  • Keyword research and selection – I’ll find and pick a keyword for every single web page.
  • Keyword utilization – Specific keywords are sprinkled throughout the page in a strategic way.
  • Meta tag creation – Meta tags for the page title and description are written and customized to attract the right customer when your site comes up in search results.
  • Google Analytics Setup – This is the best way to track the progress of your website.
  • Sitemap submission – A sitemap is created and then served to Google and Bing, so they get a heads up that your website exists on the world wide web.
  • HTTPS/SSL – Secure websites are becoming the standard of the future according to Google.

Need something else done to your site that’s not mentioned above? Don’t hesitate to ask me for a free quote.

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