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I’m Rhonda Brown – an imaginative, creative thinking, deadline meeting,… small business website designer.

What does that all mean?

To sum it up… I specialize in designing and redesigning business websites for solo entrepreneurs, bloggers, and professional coaches who want a STANDOUT website.

In 2009, I started Graphically Innovative Designs as a home-based web design business in Hampton, VA. My customers are locally based as well as nationwide, because I’m a virtual web designer – which means I communicate virtually by mostly email, phone and video (i.e. Skype and Zoom).

I’m also an E-Commerce Service Provider for local e-commerce grants.

What Makes Me Different From Any Other Business Website Designer

You’re probably here because you’re trying to figure out… am I the right designer for you?

So I’ll cut to the chase and tell you what makes me different. I’m a well rounded designer with skills in print design, graphic design, web design, and SEO.

The big deal about that is, it’s rare to find a designer who can do two or more things well. Normally, someone who is really good at designing, can’t code or do other technical stuff necessary to create a good web site design.

They can give you a fantastic looking site, BUT you’ll soon find out that it…

  • Doesn’t work properly and is always breaking down
  • Isn’t easy for your customer to use and navigate
  • Won’t get found by search engines or potential clients looking for you

Just imagine if you picked a mechanic that only knew how to work on one thing like engines. They are great at what they do, but your problem involves the engine AND transmission… two parts that work together. You’ll likely want a mechanic that understands how those parts are connected/interact and can fix them both, right? Right!

In a similar sense, when something is wrong with your website, you need a website designer who can design and fix all its parts.

You want a designer who understands how the various parts of a website harmoniously work together. The website’s design, look and feel, layout, organization, SEO, and code are all connected.

I understand how those multiple parts work together and how your website should be established inside and out.

How My Skills and Experience Benefit You

My skills and experience in…

  • Print design gave me layout design skills that translate over to web pages. So I’m able to create web pages for you that are pleasing to the eye and have good visual hierarchy.
  • Graphic design helps me hone in on details as well as look at the bigger picture, so I can create a professional looking site for you using the right colors, imagery, fonts and negative space.
  • Web design helps me create a site for you that is responsive/mobile-friendly, well-coded, accessible, and easy to use. My knowledge of CSS and HTML gives me the ability to make customizations to your website that break past the boundaries of basic templates.
  • Search engine optimization gives me the ability to make your site easily get found by people looking for your business.

If this all sounds good to you and you feel I’m the right designer for you, call me today at 757-218-4053 or email me to request a quote for my web design services.

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