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The designer you hire to create your website will play a large role in whether your site succeeds at attracting and converting clients.

So, you don’t want to pick just anyone, right?

Preferably, you want to hire a website designer that’s the right fit for your needs and goals. Someone that is reliable, capable of doing a good job, and knows how to take your site in the best direction.

But, exactly how do you find the right person… especially when you can’t meet most designers face-to-face?

In this section of my site, I will give you tips on:

  • How to choose a designer that’s right for YOU and your needs
  • How to detect whether a designer is reliable before starting your web design project
  • Where to look for a freelance web designer

These tips will help you find and hire the perfect designer for YOU… no matter if it’s me or another professional web designer that meets your needs.

Tips For Choosing the Best Web Designer for Your Needs

To make the decision process easier and save yourself some headaches, here’s what you should do.

Tip #1: Make a list of needs and goals.

Woman writing down a list in a notebookJot down a list of things you need and want in a website, including goals you hope to achieve with it.

By doing so, this list will help you accomplish two things.

First, this list prepares you to answer questions that a designer typically asks before starting a project.

Second, your list helps you quickly determine if a designer is right for you based on whether they can fulfill everything on your list of needs.

If they can’t, you can move on to the next person.

However, if they can fulfill your needs, you may have found the designer for you!

Next, let’s take a look at whether their work style is compatible with yours.

Tip #2: Know what traits you want in a web designer.

The key to choosing a web designer that’s right for YOU is knowing in advance what qualities you value in a designer and exactly how you want to collaborate with them.

For example, do you want a designer that takes the lead and comes up with all the ideas? Or, someone that strictly follows your direction?

Do you want someone who can do business face-to-face, or someone who only meets online?

Every designer’s work style is different. So, knowing the answers to questions like the ones above help you know whether you’re choosing the right person.

Tip #3: Know How To Identify A Reliable Web Designer.

handshake between designer and business ownerIt’s super important to find a reliable web designer. Why?

A reliable web designer won’t disappear mid project. You won’t have to chase them down. Nor will they dodge your calls or emails.

To figure out whether a designer is dependable or reliable, you don’t have to meet them face-to-face. You can tell from their actions and how they treat you.

Taking note of how they communicate with you is just one of the ways to detect whether you’re choosing a web designer that’s dependable.

Look for subtle clues like… how long it takes for them to reply to your emails/calls, or whether they stick to their word when they promise to get back to you.

If you get a lot of excuses in the beginning of the quoting process, it’s a sign they may be this way during your web design project.

Where to Find A Freelance Website Designer for Hire?

So, now you are ready to start your search. But, where do you begin?

Most freelance web designers – ones that are not part of a large agency – typically have their own business website and portfolio online. So, you can easily find them by doing a web search for “freelance web designer” or “professional website designer”.

Also, ask your friends or colleagues who they hired to do their website. And whenever you come across a website you like, scroll down to the footer to see if there is a credit line that states who designed the website.

Those are just three of the common ways to find a web designer.

Could I be the designer for you?

I design websites for consultants, coaches, and small business owners, like you, who want a website that truly reflects who you are. So, in turn… you attract and convert your ideal clients.

Here’s just a little more about me, Rhonda Brown, a small business website designer.

I’m the type of web designer that:

  • Knows how to create a magnetic site that does the selling for you.
  • Acts as your design partner and offers you guidance.
  • Gives you full ownership of your site once it’s launched and provides continual support.
  • Works 100% virtually – via phone, email, and video calls.

Do I sound like the designer for you? Then, let’s talk! Contact me at (757) 218-4053 or request a quote online.

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