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An outdated or unappealing website can be quite embarrassing. Don’t let your website embarrass you any longer. You deserve to have a website you can be proud to show off to customers.

A website template redesign is not as expensive as you think. I help website owners like you make big or small modifications to their Squarespace website templates that fit your budget.

Choosing colors from swatches


Full Redesigns

Do you want to start all over with a totally fresh new look? Then, you want the full redesign option.

A full website template redesign means that a new template is chosen and customized, then the site is reorganized, and the layout of the pages are redone. At the end of a full redesign, your old website will look like a totally different site. If you wish, during the time of the update, you can even redo the written text on each web page along with the images.

Partial Redesigns & Small Updates

Maybe you want a few tweaks to the overall layout of your site to take it to the next level, but you don’t want to do it yourself.

A partial redesign means that your site will stay on the same template, but minor edits will be made.  You can opt for me to make small tweaks to the template’s look, or add special features to the site.

This service include edits like:

  • Changing the logo, color scheme, fonts, button styles
  • Adding slideshows or photo galleries
  • Setting up a shopping cart
  • Connecting services like PayPal, Stripe, MailChimp
  • Setting up Google services like Google Analytics, G Suite for personalized email
  • Integrating social media buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

Ready to Redo Your Website?

Since every website is unique, redesigns are priced on an individual basis by means of a quote. Contact me today if you would like a FREE, no obligation quote.

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