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A good web site design starts from the inside out. That’s because what’s under the hood is just as important as what’s on the outside, am I right?

I always say “Anyone can create a web site, but not everyone can make a successful one.”

Your site should look good, work properly, and function at all times. That involves creating a website built with the right mix of design, function, and power.

Since all those factors are important, I work with you to find the perfect balance when designing your website.

Below is a list of things I include with every website design and why they are important.

You Will Receive...

A Customized & Branded Template Design

You’ll get a web design that is fully customized to represent your business. Your WordPress theme or Squarespace template will be branded with your logo, business colors, and style.

Everything from the header to the footer including headings, links, tagline boxes, buttons, calls to action, and even the favicon will be designed with your business’ brand in mind.

A Fully Responsive Website Design

A good web site design must be responsive, so that’s why I only create responsive web sites (a.k.a. mobile-friendly websites). Why exactly?

Reason number one… Google now boosts websites that are mobile-friendly. Second, did you know that about 60% of all online searches are now done on a mobile device?

A responsive website has the ability to shrink down properly and still be readable on various screen sizes and devices like desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. So it’s no wonder a responsive website is so important.

Sitemap Setup and Page Organization

Here’s another thing you don’t have to worry about: how to organize your website in a way that’s easy for users to navigate.

I’ll help organize your site so that your web visitors won’t get confused or lost within your web pages. Also, I will create a sitemap that can be submitted to search engines and boost your SEO rankings.

Custom Page Layout and Design

In a sense, your web pages should not look like the pages of a novel. Novels are normally filled with lots of text, long paragraphs, and little to no images.

A web page should be visually pleasing and have that perfect balance of text, photos, space, and color. It helps to understand:

  • color psychology
  • basic design principles
  • font usage and readability
  • visual hierarchy

But don’t worry about doing that yourself. Leave the page layout work to me; it’s actually one of the things I love to do.

Simply send your content to me in a word document and I’ll figure out the best way to arrange the text and images on the page.

SSL Certificate Setup (Secure Website)

Online security is more important than ever. People want to know that they are safe when visiting your website. One way to put your web visitor at ease is to activate an SSL Certificate.

Most hosting companies are now offering SSL Certificates free with yearly hosting but they don’t set it up for you. I will setup and activate your SSL Certificate, so that the letters HTTPS and a green padlock appears in the browser to let your visitors know your website is safe and secure.

Google Analytics Tracking

If you don’t have anything monitoring the traffic on your website, you are missing out on information that let’s you know how your website is really performing.

Google Analytics will answer the who, what, where, when, and how questions about your site. It let you know things like how visitors are finding your website, how long they are staying, and what pages they are reading.

Social Media Integration

Is your business “social”? I can install two types of social media buttons on your site: “Share” buttons and “Follow” buttons.

  • Share buttons allow users to spread the word about your website content on their social media account.
  • Follow buttons allow users to find and follow your official business accounts whether it’s a Facebook page, Twitter stream, Instagram account, or LinkedIn profile.

Once a user finds your account, they can choose to like your page or follow your updates which is always a good thing because you get to interact with them even when they aren’t on you own website.

Let's make your website a success!

Would you like a website built with the features I just mentioned above and much more? Then you and I would be a perfect match.

I love working with small business owners who are serious about making their business website a success. Contact me to get started on your next website!

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