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Since May 2017, I’ve been a Circle member and it’s opened a door to exclusive perks, content and support. So, the good news for you is… if you hire me as your Squarespace website designer, you’ll receive some of those perks too, due to my membership.

Find out what benefits will be passed on to you, what is Squarespace Circle, and how to take advantage of the perks.


What is Squarespace Circle?

Squarespace Circle is a program created to support and inspire a community of designers and developers who use the Squarespace platform.

A designer qualifies to be a Circle member when they build or contribute to 3 or more active Squarespace websites. Once becoming member, they join a supportive community and get a few perks too.

My Circle member benefits include:

  • Access to member-only forums and exclusive content
  • Optimized technical support from Squarespace
  • Early access to new releases and account features
  • 20% off any subscription for the first year
  • An extended trial period of 6 months
  • 3 Months free of Acuity Scheduling

So, how do you benefit from me being a Squarespace Circle member? In three specific ways.

Perks You’ll Receive As My Client

With my Circle account, I can pass down the three money saving perks:

  • 20% off any Squarespace yearly subscription for the first year
  • Extended 6-months trial period instead of the normal 2 weeks
  • 3-months of Acuity Scheduling free when you signup for any new plan

Please note that for your website to be eligible for some of these deals, Squarespace requires your account to be established under my Circle account. So before you sign up and make your own account, contact me to be eligible for those offers. I’ll explain those requirements in detail below.

20% Off Squarespace

To receive 20% off your first year’s subscription, you must either A) allow me to setup your website under my Circle account, or B) add me to your account as a contributor with billing permissions so that the discounts automatically apply when you pay for a subscription. This deal only applies to the yearly subscriptions, not the monthly ones. Please note that if I setup the Squarespace account for you, I transfer the ownership to you at the end of the design process once all payments have been made.

6-Month Extended Trial Period

How does an extended trial save you money?

For any site, you must pay for a subscription after your trial ends – whether you have finished or not. So that means that if your professional website design takes 4-6 weeks to complete and you only have a 2-week trial… you actually pay for the site’s hosting BEFORE it’s ready to go live.

So instead of paying for a subscription while your site is being developed. A 6-month trial allows you to pay for your subscription AFTER your site is developed and ready to launch. That way your costs are delayed and you have plenty of time to have your website designed by me.

To receive this perk, your website must be created under my Circle account.

3-Months Free of Acuity Scheduling

When you signup for a new Acuity Scheduling plan, you’ll receive the first 3 months free. I have an exclusive link I will use to create your account to receive this deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you initiate the site for me, doesn’t that mean you will own my site?

In the beginning, I will be the primary account holder. But my policy is that once your website design project is complete and you have paid the design fees to me in full, all ownership is transferred to you.

When your site is paid in full and ready to launch, I take these steps to transfer ownership to you:

  • I have you enter your credit card information on the site and pay for the subscription. That way you are the contact for billing – not me.
  • When your domain name is purchased, I have you purchase it under your name – not mine.
  • I add you as a Contributor by entering your name and email address. Once you’re made a contributor, you’ll have full access and control of the website. You can even remove me at that point if you wish, or keep me on the account if you need future help.

I already started an account and I would like to get those perks. Can I still get them?

You can get the 20% discount and the Acuity benefit, but you won’t be able to get the extended trial period unless I initiate the account. To get the 20% off discount, you must add me as a contributor to your account with billing permissions for my account’s perk to apply to your website. To get the Acuity Scheduling benefit, I use a special signup link to get that offer. Contact me for more information.

Can I get the perks and design the website myself?

No, these perks are only for clients that use my design services.

Those perks sound good but why do you want to share them? Is there a catch? Do you get a kickback?

There’s no catch and I don’t receive any kickbacks. Circle members are given these perks for free and we can decide how we’d like to use them.

I choose to share my perks because it gives my potential clients an incentive to work with me, as opposed to doing it themselves or hiring another non-Circle Squarespace designer. And although the program requires us to sign up websites under our account to pass on some of the perks, I give my clients complete ownership of their sites once the project is complete.

So it’s a win-win situation – you get a discounted Squarespace website and I get a new happy customer!

Ready to take advantage of these offers?

I only pass these perks over to my clients who are using my professional Squarespace website design services. So, if you are ready to have me design your next Squarespace website, please contact me today!

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