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LOAH Attorney Website Design

Client: Angi Haen of Law Office of Angi Haen (LOAH)

Client’s Website:

Brief: Located in Newport News, VA. LOAH was founded by Angi Haen during the pandemic of 2020 to help businesses and individuals navigate the legal side of their financial issues.

The process & idea behind this design:

Angi requested a clean and minimalist design to showcase her law firm. Since minimalist design is simple and free of clutter, I knew I had to pick high quality imagery to be the focal part of the design.

She also wanted to feature a lighthouse on the Home page, which was a great idea!

So after brainstorming and agreeing on a nautical theme for the site, my search for the right photos began — starting first with the Home page’s banner image.

Since the message that overlays the banner reads, “Your guide through the stormy waters of your financial problems”, it was important that I found THE perfect lighthouse image that would add deeper meaning to those opening words.

Then, I looked for several images that would complement the Home page’s banner. I made a list of criteria those secondary banner images had to meet.

I’ll share that list with you, so you understand a little more about picking imagery for your website. This was the criteria:

  • It must clearly relate to the nautical theme, ocean, or boating.
  • The item in focus must be unique, and not like one of the other images selected.
  • The photography lighting must be similar to the Home page banner… nothing too bright or too dark.
  • When scaled down on mobile devices, the image must be recognizable and not awkward looking.

Wondering how the nautical theme came about for this law firm website design?

Then, keep reading!

Here’s how the nautical theme came about

When I first read her content, I was inspired by her idea of a lighthouse to complement her opening message. This was an excellent choice since lighthouses are beacons when navigating the rough seas, and are symbols of hope, help, and safety.

So I brainstormed ideas that would work well with the lighthouse and suggested that we do a nautical theme for all the site’s banner images. Angi loved that idea since it would also compliment the surroundings of Newport News, VA — a city in the coastal part of Virginia.

Also, from a design perspective, the nautical idea is fitting because it’s been scientifically proven that imagery of oceans and sunsets are known to be calming — that’s perfect for visitors who may be experiencing financial stress.

This professional attorney website design was completed in a matter of weeks and officially launched August 26, 2020.

How Knowing this process benefits you

As you can see, although this was a minimalist design, it didn’t come together by chance. I hope that by sharing my thought process, it gives you insight into what you need to do and how to do it.

A lot of thought was put into how the images and layout would come together. This is something you should take note of whether you hire a professional web designer, or create a website yourself.

A good website design involves a lot of planning. You must think about the tiniest details as well as the bigger picture, which is… how your overall site reflects who you are to your potential customer.

Want a website designed by me?

Just like the website shown above, I put a lot of thought into all my clients’ website designs. So if you want a designer that will create your website with care, feel free to reach out to me.

I love creating websites for professional coaches, consultants, and small business owners!

Let’s work together to create a website that showcases your stellar services. Learn more about my Squarespace and WordPress web design services.

Contact me to request a free quote, or give me a call at (757) 218-4053 to discuss your next website design project.

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