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My specialty is redesigning business web sites. But before I start a redesign, I need to find out more about you and your business. To make this process easier, I have an online form you can fill out at your convenience. This will basically help me find out what you need to have done and learn general information about you.

Creating A Business Web Site Design

Then, I will evaluate it and contact you by email or phone to let you know if I will be able to take on your project. I will then send you a more detailed questionnaire that will help me to determine the direction to go with your design and also come up with a quote.

Once you approve the quote and my terms of service, I will give you a start date and an anticipated finish date. The finish date can change based on how soon you can get your content together and how many changes you wish to make to proofs. Any delay in getting requested items to me will push the finish date further away.

How do I communicate with you?

I do all my communication by email, phone calls, and/or Skype since I design websites for those in other states.

I also use these methods of communication for local businesses here in Hampton, Virginia and the Hampton Roads area. To do face to face meetings is not necessary for me to create a website for you. This saves us both time if we do everything virtually.

What Makes A Good Business Web Site Design

The Platforms I Use

Every website needs a good foundation. A Content Management System (CMS) is a platform you can build your website on in order to make it easy for you to build, maintain, and grow your website.

WordPress and Squarespace are the two main platforms most local businesses work best in. I suggest Site Build It! when you want to take your business nationally or globally.

What’s Included In My Services

Domain Name Registration & Professional Email Address Setup

If you already own a website, you probably already have your own domain name. But, if by chance you don’t have one, I will set up a domain name of your choice. And once I do, you will have complete control over this account.

This way you can take it with you. What do I mean?

As your business grows your website may get more complicated and past my skill set. You will then need to seek another web design service. I’m not the type of designer who holds all your accounts in my name, effectively holding your site hostage. My success is based on your success, in that, you grow even past using my services. I hope this makes sense to you. At any rate… I provide a hassle free transfer when it is needed.

Domain Name and Email Setup

Once you have your own domain name, you can now set up email accounts with your website’s name. For example, you can have something like This is more professional then having another email address not related to your business like, or And by having your domain name and email address extension the same… not only will the items match on your business cards and marketing materials, it will also make your contact info more memorable.

Responsive Design

As you’re aware, people are now using mobile devices more and more to search out businesses. So your business web site design must shrink down in a readable format and look good at the same time. These days you design for desktop, tablets and cell phones in multiple size screens and multiple browsers.


Responsive Web Design Example

About 88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device, call or go to that business within 24 hours. (Google Mobile Movement Study, 2011)


Designing responsive websites can be tricky. The old way of designing is out the window now. To get this right, you have to know the latest methods to code websites. Some designers are great at design, but being able to then code a responsive is not something most can do alone.

I though, have the skills to create a professional web site design that’s responsive and code it to work on multiple mobile devices. This is very important now that Google decided last year that if a site wasn’t responsive they would bury it lower in the search results. That means your site is being found less by buying customers.

Google Analytics

If you don’t have this already, I will install this on your site so that we can see what pages are converting and what pages may need help. It will tell you the who, where, and how visitors are arriving at your website, how long they are staying, and what pages they are reading. This is a must have to evaluate how well your business web site design is working for you.

E-commerce Shopping Carts


The platforms I use either have a shopping cart as part of it, or it can be added on. In the initial questionnaire, I ask the right questions to assess which platform you need, based on the product line and specific features you require.

Social Media Integration

You know you must have some social media presence as a business now. You don’t need a lot, but you do have to have some accounts for your business. I will be placing “share” buttons on your site. So visitors can share your pages which gives a little buzz in promoting your business.

For clients getting a redesign, I can set up and establish (one) account of your choice and customize the page to reflect your new design as part of my services.

I do this because I want businesses that sign on with me to have an edge over their competitors and you need social media as part of the plan. This makes it easier for you to get started and not put this step off to later. Any additional account set ups and/or customizations will be an additional charge.

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