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Rhonda Brown, a small business website designerI’m Rhonda Brown – a small business website designer. That means I specialize in designing business websites and marketing materials for small businesses.

Even before I sought to get my Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design, I always had a natural talent for design, art, and technology. I really love designing!

I could have used my designing skill in many ways but I chose to use them to help small business owners like yourself to become profitable no matter what industry your are in.

Why did I choose to be a small business website designer?

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My mother has been a small business owner for 32 years. My dad has been in business for 4 years.

I have learned a lot from them about the problems involved in running a business. I’ve been able to help my parents’ businesses by finding ways to successfully promote them and accumulate customer leads using web and print advertising materials.

Of course, having my own business truly gives me first hand knowledge of the problems business owners face. So I’m not the type of designer who designs a website with no thought to whether it will do what you need it to accomplish.

When you sell a product or have a service, you need customers for your business to survive. And you need to have systems in place to keep the customers you get and to attract new customers.

I design small business websites that not only are attractive, but functional and effective.

Even though I’m a Virginia web designer, based in the City of Hampton, it doesn’t stop me from working with clients in adjacent cites such as Newport News, Williamsburg, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach.

In fact, I work with business owners all over the United States.

There are three core things that separate me from my competitors.

  1. I am a young entrepreneur who has knowledge of the latest trends in marketing using the web. Also, I bring fresh and innovative designs to the table you may not be aware of that could benefit you.
  2. I’ll be communicating with you mainly through phone, email, fax, and other electronic media. This allows me to quickly communicate with you and save us both time and money. You no longer have to set aside precious time for meetings that you could be using to run your small business.
  3. I offer more value. When I design your site not only is it pleasing to the eye but it is also pleasing to search engines. My main goal when building a site is to make sure that it is not only a beautiful website but also one that will be found by current and potential clients.
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