I'm in the business of helping customers find you, through my professional web site design services!

Established Small Business Owner

Are you looking for a professional web site designer? Then you’re in the right place.

If you are a new business ready to break forth or an existing business ready to emerge and be more competitive in your field…

I, Rhonda Brown of Graphically Innovative Designs, will help you achieve what all business owners hope to do and that is to attract more customers than your competitors.

 I’m an all-in-one designer specializing in web design, print, and social media. 

I specialize in working with small businesses who are just starting to establish a web presence. So, not only do I like to create startup business websites, I enjoy working with established businesses who are looking to revamp their “starter” low cost builder website for a new modern upgrade!

You might be wondering, “How will I help you attract the right customers with your new website?”

To attract the right customers:

  1. You must be found first on the web by customers before they find your competitor.
  2. Your message must presell them on your product or service before they step foot in your business.
  3. The customer must get the impression that you have a credible business.
New Small Business Owner

To Do That, You Need A Web Presence
(Notice I didn’t just say a website… I said a web presence.)


When you establish a web presence, your potential customers will not only find you, but will be willing to give you a shot because:

  • What you have will solve their problem or need.
  • They’ll perceive that you are trustworthy.
  • They’ll see that you are in business for the long haul.

How do you accomplish this? This is where my professional web site design services help you!

I combine my design, page building, and search engine optimization skills in a way that will help customers easily find you using the search engines.

If you are just starting out or you are an existing business playing catch up… your goal is to not only catch up, but pass your competitors in being found on the internet. To do this you need…

A Web Presence That Consists Of

A website that works in your behalf 24/7 and presells readers

A social media presence that engages with your new and current customers

An excellent online reputation (i.e. review sites like Yelp, Urbanspoon, etc.)

 Remember, having a strong web presence will help you gain and retain customers. 

What I’m bringing to the table…

Along with my academic abilities as a graphic designer in web and print, I feel that my value to you is:

  • I myself am a small business person and have experience being in your shoes.
  • I focus on developing quality client relationships.
  • I am an “all-in-one designer” able to design across your print, web, and social media platforms.

Am I the “right” designer for you?

I feel that in order to work successfully with someone, we have to be somewhat on the the same page. So now, let’s evaluate if I’m the designer for you.

I’m the right designer for you if:

  • You like to work on a “one-on-one basis” for your design needs
  • You are the type that wants to leave all the attention to details to the designer
  • You’re a new business wanting guidance starting your web presence out the correct way from the beginning
  • You have an existing business and you are looking to get your first website to be more credible
  • You have a website that originally was created by a low cost cookie cutter builder and now need a fresh, modern upgrade to be more competitive

If you fit into any of the above scenarios… Then I am the designer for you!

I focus on developing long client relationships. So, you won’t see a long portfolio of clients listed on my portfolio pages.

I’m in it to help your business for the long term and I want my clients to be in it too. My goal is to get you started, grow your business, and then prepare you for the next level using the best source known for growing a business right now — the “internet.”

As you become successful, I become successful. And if you one day outgrow the need for my services and need a larger company to push your web presence to the next level… Then I know I’ve done my job!

Does it sound like I’m the web designer for you?
Then, contact me to begin the process.